When I woke up, I was lying in the hospital. You who were at my bedside were really scared. The muscles on your face keep jumping, and people become haggard overnight. Later, I learned that when the steel plate was smashed down, it was fortunately blocked by a car nearby, but even so, my right leg was almost broken and my lumbar spine was bruised. The treatment process is long and complicated. You carry me on your back, go to the fifth floor for spinal puncture, go to the third floor for electrotherapy, and go up and down several times. That year, when you were 50 years old, your body and mind were emaciated by day and night's anxiety; when I was 18 years old, I became fat rapidly under the stimulation of nutrition and medicine. 50 year old you carry 18-year-old me on your back. I'm so tired that I can't breathe. That's when you brought me the pork chop soup. While you were blowing the hot air, you put a spoonful of hot soup into my mouth and said, "it's been stewed for several hours. Bone soup can supplement calcium. Drink more..." I suddenly pushed it with one hand and cried, "drink, drink, I'm all like this. What's the use of drinking? !” The soup bowl "snapped" to the ground, the ribs and kelp rolled all over the ground, the hot soup sprinkled on your feet, quickly started a bright bubble. I stay, see you grin with pain, in the heart of the incomparable fear. I remember that your temper is actually very violent. In the third grade, I took my desk calculator. You picked up my pants and dipped them in the water to pump me. If Mom hadn't stopped me, you would have beaten me to the skin and flesh.